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mTimeCard provides a 7 days free trial for everyone. During the 7 days free trial you may use the full functionalities of the service. The free trial is only for the Starter Package of mTimeCard.

To use the 7 days free trial of mTimeCard you have to create account. You can do that by entering your email and password in the fields and click Sign up! button. Or you can create account through Facebook or Google+.

When you enter in your account you still cannot use it. You have now to subscribe for mTimeCard. To do that click the Subscribe button. At the next step you will go to PayPal where you have to log in your PayPal account and confirm the subscription to mTimeCard. When you confirm you will be returned to your mTimeCard account where you can enjoy your clock in/out experience.

Please note, that you will not be charged anything for the free trial. The process going through PayPal is just for confirming your personal data and validates you. Only after the free 7 days are expired you will be charged monthly fee for the package you have subscribed for.

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