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Subscriptions in mTimeCard


In order to use mTimeCard service you have to subscribe for one of the three subscription packages in mTimeCard. Basically the packages are divided by the number of employees that every manager can add and join in his/her mTimeCard account. You can always change your current package according your needs.

Here are the three packages:

  • Starter Package – this package offers:
    • Up to 10 employees
    • Android clock-in app
    • iPhone clock in app
    • Managers web portal
    • Shift calendar
    • Unlimited business location (venues)
    • Venues in different time zones
    • Real time Attendance reports
    • Email notifications for late or early clock-ins
    • Employee shift acknowledgment
    • Priority email support
    • Venue independent clock in/clock out
  • Small business package – this package offers everything from the starter plus:
    • Up to 20 employees
    • SMS notifications for late clock ins
  • Unlimited package – this package offers everything from other packages plus:
    • Automatic payroll generation and time reporting in QuickBooks – this option requires QuickBooks account

mTimeCard offers 7 days free trial for the Starter Package. You can always start with some of the other packages.  To subscribe go to and click the Pricing link. There choose your package and click Subscribe now button. Enter your email address and password and click the Subscribe button to complete the action.

You can subscribe for mTimeCard at any time and also to cancel your subscription at any time.


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