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Using mTimeCard Mobile Application


Once the mobile app is successfully installed and registered it is ready to use from the mobile phone. The actions you can perform are very easy and simple.


When the app is started on the screen you will see two buttons:


  • Start work – click this button on the phone to send clock in event. By doing that – you are starting to work in mTimeCard. According to what the manager has setup in the web portal, you may see additional steps to choose a venue, shift, or work outside shift. If you see such option on the screen, click on that what is your personall case.  When you click the Start Work button, the app will send automatic time, date and GPS position from your phone. Before you click the button, it is green and available. Once you click the button, it will be disabled for second click, until you have finished work.
  • End Work – click this button to end the work shift. Again the application will send time, date and GPS location from your phone.


These are the actions for starting and ending work in the mTimeCard mobile application.


Below these two buttons, there is a refresh button. Click this button to refresh the location from the GPS of your phone. This action is needed only if you see a text next to the button that indicates you, that the GPS location is not found.


The GPS location is collected automatically by the mobile application. But if there is any other case, then you can click the refresh button.


At the top of the app, there is button for settings. Click it and you can logout from your current mTimeCard profile. You can do that by clicking on the Reset Account button.

By doing that you will logout/reset the current account fro which the mobile app is sending the clock ins and clock outs.

Then you can enter your new PIN number, if you received such to authorize to another account. Remember that the PIN number is active only for 48 hours, after that you have to asc your manager to send you a new one.

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