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Edit employee


To edit employee in mTimeCard you have to log in to the web portal with your username and password in your mTimeCard profile. Once logged in click on the link Employees, the last one on the right on the main navigation panel of the site.


The system will load a list of all your current employees. In the list on the right there is a button named Quick edit:


Click the button for the employee, you want to edit the information and in the row for the current employee you will see these new options.


  1. Edit the name – in the editable field, modify the name.
  2. Also there are three buttons:
    1. Save – use this button to save the changes you have made.
    2. Remove – use this button to remove/delete this employee that you edit now. When you click it, the system will ask for confirmation in a new pop up window. To confirm the action click Yes button and to cancel the action click the No button;



    1. Cancel – use this button to cancel the current edit of the employee.


This is the procedure to edit employee in mTimeCard.


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