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Add venu from Venues page


To add new venue from the venues page you already have previously added venue/s. If you want to add another venue to your profile, open the venues page by clicking the venues link on the main navigation of the site.


When the page loads, you see list of your current venues (one or more). To add new venue, click the Add Venue button above the list on the right.


When you click the button on the screen you will see the fields where you must enter the information of the new venue:


  1. Your Venue Name – here type the name of the venue.
  2. Manager name – here enter the manager name of the new venue. You can type the name, or choose it from the list of your managers. If you choose manager that already exists mTimeCard will save his/her email/phone number for this venue too. If you type a new manager you will have to enter email/phone number in the field:
    1. Manager email address/phone number.
  3. Start hour – here enter the start hour, when the venue is open and starting to work.
  4. Start min – here enter the minutes of the start hour, when the venue is open and starting to work.
  5. End hour – here enter the end hour, when the venue ends work.
  6. End min - here enter the minutes of the end hour, when the venue will close working.
  7. Country – choose your country from the drop down menu.
  8. Address – here start typing the address of your venue. When you start typing the address, the system loads the address on the map below, according what you have entered.
  9. Map – on this map you can directly pin the address by dragging the marker on the position where your venue is located. This is the other way to enter the address of your venue if you do not want to type address above.


When you have entered the information in the fields click the Add button to add and save the new venue, or click the Cancel to cancel the action of adding new venue. Then the system will return to the venues page and the list of your venues.

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