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Install the mTimeCard mobile app


mTimeCard mobile application is ready to install at this time for Android, iPhone and Windows phones. The steps needed to install the app are the same for the smartphone operating systems.


When you join employee in your profile, the employee receives SMS text message at his/her phone. The text message contains:


  • Link for downloading the app. According the Android, iPhone or Windows, the link will point to different location, for the version of the phone.
  • Register with phone – this is the phone number of the employee.
  • PIN – this is the PIN code that is needed for the registration of the app.


To complete the installation and registration complete these steps:


  1. Click the link in the text message to download the app.
  2. Install the app on the phone, after it has been downloaded. (The installation on most phones will start automatically. Only confirmations are needed).
  3. After the app is installed, go to the phone programs and click the mTimeCard icon.
  4. When the app starts you will see a screen with Terms of Use. Read them and click I agree, to agree and continue to the registration wizard.
  5. When the app loads, there are two fields where you must fill:
    1. Your phone number.
    2. Your PIN – this is the PIN number from the text message.
  6. At the end click the Finish button.


That’s all. Now the mTimeCard is ready to work and send clock ins and clock outs.


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