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mTimeCard offers 3 paid packages. You have to subscribe for one of the 3 packages to use the service. Here are the 3 packages that mTimeCard service deliver to you.


Here are the three packages:


  • Starter Package – this package offers:
    • Up to 10 employees
    • Android clock-in app
    • iPhone clock in app
    • Managers web portal
    • Shift calendar
    • Unlimited business location (venues)
    • Venues in different time zones
    • Real time Attendance reports
    • Email notifications for late or early clock-ins
    • Employee shift acknowledgment
    • Priority email support
    • Venue independent clock in/clock out
  • Small business package – this package offers everything from the starter plus:
    • Up to 20 employees
    • SMS notifications for late clock ins
  • Unlimited package – this package offers everything from other packages plus:
    • Unlimited employees
    • Automatic payroll generation and time reporting in QuickBooks – this option requires QuickBooks account



You can subscribe to any one of the packages. To do that follow this steps:


  • First you need to create your own account in web portal. You can create account directly from the web page by entering your email and password, or by using Facebook or Google+. If you are registering with email and password – you have to confirm your account first from the link in the email that mTimeCard has send you.
  • Once you are in your account you are not able to do nothing until you confirm your subscription.  To do that go to the Subscriptions link from the menu right next to your name/email in your account and click it.
  • In the next step you will see our pricing page. Click the Subscribe button under the package you want to sign up.
  • At the next page you have to enter your registration address and password, then click Subscribe button.
  • This will lead you to PayPal where you have to log in your account or create one. Then if you have choose the 7 das free trial you will confirm your account and return to mTimeCard, or if you have directly choose to start paying you will finish the PayPal procedure. Then again you will be returned to your mTimeCard profile.
  • Please notice that if you are logging from Facebook or Google+ you from the Pricing page when you click the subscribe button under the package you have choose, and then click the login button to Facebook or Google+. Enter your credentials and you will be logged in your account at mTimeCard. Then click the subscribe button that will lead you to PayPal where you have to complete the procedure.


These are the all the steps to finish the subscription to mTimeCard service. One you finish them you will be charged on monthly based from PayPal for the price package you have choose. You can cancel your account at any time by going to PayPal, or just open your mTimeCard account, go to settings and lick the Unactivate button.


Also you can change your current package by repeating the subscription procedure but by choosing another price plan/package.



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