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In order to view and manage employees in mTimeCard you have to log in to the web portal with your username and password in your mTimeCard profile.

Once logged in click on the link Employees, the last one on the right, on the main navigation panel of the site.

If you open this page for the first time and you do not have employees yet you will see a button named Join employee and on the rest of the screen, there is sample background image.

If you click on the button or on the image the system will load form for adding new employee in the system.

This is the case if you do not have employees.

In case that you already have one or more employees, on the main page you will see list of all your employees.

In the list of employees you see the following information and options to manage employees:

  • Employees (4) – the first column in the list shows the actual number of employees that you have. In this case – 4. In this column you can see information about the employee - name, phone and there is a link named View reports. If you click on the link the system will load the reports of start/end clock ins and clock outs information particularly for this employee.
  • Last clock in – in this column you can see the last clock in of the employee in the system.
  • Last clock out – in this column you can see the last clock out of the employee in the system.
  • Quick edit – finally in the list according to every one employee there is button Quick edit, from where you can edit the information of the employee.
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