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What is mTimeCard Employee?


Employees in mTimeCard are the employees in the platform that starts and ends work from their mobile phones through the mTimeCard mobile application or by using the Web Clockin. The first time you enter to the mTimeCard service, you must create one or more employees. Later you will assign these employees to working shifts in one or more venues.

Every employee must have mobile phone with installed mTimeCard mobile application or create its own profile at the Web Clockin.

At the start of the working day every employee must start the working shift from the phone or web clockin, when arrived at the venue he/she is working. At the end of the working day, the employee must end the shift, again when finishing work.

There are three simple steps to set up a employee in mTimeCard:

  1. Join employee.
  2. Employee receives message and installs the app on its phone or creates profile in the web clockin.
  3. Place the employee to venue and set up a shift.

That’s all. Sit back and watch the reports of mTimeCard employees start and end shifts.

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