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Venues main menu


In order to view, create and manage venues in mTimeCard you have to log in to the web portal with your username and password in your mTimeCard profile.


Once logged in click on the link Venues, the third one on the right on the main navigation panel of the site.


If you open this page for the first time and you do not have venues yet, you will see a wizard of four steps that you have to make:


By default the wizard starts from the first step and it is necessary to complete all four steps. After entering required information at the first step you will be ready with your first venue in the system.


You may add one or more venues according your business needs.


After completing the wizard and entered at least one venue, the next time you open the Venues page you will see a list of all your venues:


On the main screen you see:


  • Add venue – on the top right is the button named Add Venue. If you click the button you can add new venue in your profile.
  • List of all your venues. In the list you see the following:
    • Venues (2) – under this column are the names of the venues. Under the name, there is a link named View reports. If you click on the link the system will open the reports, exactly for the venue you clicked.  The number in brackets shows the total number of venues. In this case – 2 venues.
    • Manager – in this column you see the name and the email of the venue manager.
  • On the right in the list there are two buttons:
    • Quick edit – when you click this button you have the option to change some of the information of the venue.
    • Edit – when clicked this button will lead you to the full edit page of a venue, from where you can edit all the information about the venue.
  • Map – under the list of venue is the visible map, where you can see your venues as markers on the map.


These are the main options and actions for a venue. If you need detailed information of how to add or edit venue, please read out the other topics in the Venus section of the mTimeCard Help.

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