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What is mTimeCard Venue?


Venues in mTimeCard are the business locations that you will monitor – cafes, stores, offices, worksites and every other kind that you need to monitor the working hours. Each venue has location, manager, employees and shifts. You can scale up and down easy, defining as many venues as needed, when it is needed.


The first time you visit the mTimeCard portal and create your profile you can create one or more venues.


After you have created your first venue you can add shifts and employees to the venue. Then the system starts automatically to monitor, if the employee is at the venue and making clock in to start work, or clock out to finish work.


The creating of venue is very easy. The information that the mTimeCard needs is structured in three easy steps:


  • Create venue with the needed information.
  • Set up shifts for the venue.
  • Add employees to the shift of the venue.

After completing these three steps you can start monitoring the clock ins and clock outs of your employees at this venue and receiving notifications from mTimeCard.

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