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Edit shift


To edit shifts in mTimeCard you have to log in to the web portal with your username and password in your mTimeCard profile.


Once logged in, the system will always first open the TimeCard menu. Or you can click on the first link in the navigation menu:


The TimeCard page will load. On the page you will see the calendar with all your shifts, according to the period you have choose to be visible (month, week, day).


To edit a shift you want, just point and hold the cursor over the particular shift you want to edit and a pop up window will appear:


In the pop up click the edit button (a pencil one) and the system will load the Setup shift page with loaded information for the shift you want to edit. There you have the following options to edit the shift:


  • Venue name – choose venue name from drop down list. You may pick up a venue if you have entered more than one. The shift will be saved only for the venue you choose from here.
  • Employee name – choose employee from the drop down list of all your employees you have added. The shift will be saved for the employee you choose.
  • Request acknowledgement – choose the option to send reminder to the employee, or leave blank, if you do not want acknowledgement.
  • Start hour – type here the start hour of the shift.
  • Start min – type here minutes of the start hour.
  • End hour – here type the end hour of the shift.
  • End min – here type the minutes of the end hour.
  • Days of week – from the fields below choose the days for which the shift will apply.


Change any information you want and click the Save button to save the changes, or the Cancel button to discard the changes.


To delete a shift hold on again the cursor over the shift you want to delete in the calendar and in the pop up window click the red circle icon. By doing this you will delete the shift only for the day you have chosen. To delete completely one shift from the system you have to delete the shift in the calendar for all days in one week. By deleting the shift for all days in one week, the entire shift will be deleted.

When finished, the system will return you to the TimeCard page where you can review your changes with the shifts. If you want to edit another shift, repeat the above steps. This is everything for editing shifts in mTimeCard solution.


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