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TimeCard main menu


In order to open TimeCard menu you have to log in to the web portal with your username and password in your mTimeCard profile.


Once logged in, the system will always first open the TimeCard menu. Or you can click on the first link in the navigation menu:


Open for the first time. If you open this page for the first time and you do not have set up any shift for your venues and employees, on the screen you will see background image and three buttons on the top:


  • Help – link that points to this help.
  • All venues – scroll down menu from where you can filter the calendar below. According the venue you choose, the calendar will load data only for the venue, or for all the venues you have.
  • Setup a Shift – when you click this button, the system will load the page from where you can add new shift.


Already have shifts. If you already have one or more shifts for your employees, then when you open TimeCard menu, you will see the calendar below and the three buttons above. In the calendar you see as all your current shifts in different colors for every different shift and employee. You can scroll in the calendar using the arrows, or by selecting the current day, week or month from the direct links above the calendar.


In the calendar we see all shifts in different colors. Point to a shift in the calendar and hold on the mouse cursor on it and after a second a pop up menu will appear:


In this pop up window you see the following information and available actions:


  • Time of the shift – in this case from 09:00 to 18:00.
  • Name of the venue and name of the employee on this shift. When you click on the name of the venue or employee it will lead you to the reports just for this venue or employee.
  • Add new shift – the green circle with cross in it, is the button from where you can add new shift for this venue.
  • Edit shift – the pencil icon is the button that will lead you to the edit page for this shift.
  • Delete shift – click the red icon to delete this particular shift.


From the scroll down menu named All venues, you can pick up to see information for one venue, or for all venues you have.


From the button Setup shift, you can add new shift in the system.


The above describes in short the main functionalities in the TimeCard menu.

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