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Step 2


Join Employees. The second step of the wizard is where you can join employees.


Here we have the following fields to complete in order to add new employee:


  • Employee name – type in this field the name of the employee.
  • Employee phone – here enter the phone number of the mobile phone of the employee. It is important to enter here the full and correct number, because the employee will receive SMS text message with link to download the mobile app and PIN number to join to mTimeCard. Also mTimeCard will associate the phone number of the employee to the web portal.
  • Allow my employees to clockin and clockout everywhere - mark this checkbox if you want your employee to make clock in/out independently from a venue. If you do not choose this option your employees must be near a venue to perform clock in/out.


This is all about joining one employee. Now click the Next button to proceed to Step 3 of the wizard, or click the Add another employee button to add one more employees.


If you choose to add another employee, the system will reload the Step 2 with empty fields and to add the next employee you must fill them. After that again according to your needs got to the next step, or add another employee.

You will see that after adding one employee and starting to add a second one, there is a new link named like the previously added employee:


From this link you can edit or delete employee. To edit click on the name of the employee and the system will load the data for the employee. Again edit one or more fields and click Next or Add another employee buttons. If you want to delete some of the previously added employees, click the recycle bin icon in the link of the employee that you want to delete.


By performing these actions you can add as many employees as you need in the second step of the wizard and you can edit them at the moment.


Finally, click the next button to continue to the Step 3 of the wizard. Of course you can always add or edit employees later in mTimeCard, or even in the wizard by returning to Step 2.

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